Although older persons requiring care will increase both countries in connection with population aging, it is not progressing yet to share the knowledge and skills of long-term care for the elderly. In spite of accepting Indonesian care worker candidates based the bilateral economic partnership agreement, Japanese policy shows its deadlock now because of its insufficient preparation. Then, we will propose a plan, which is focus on the difference in each social background, and which aims to understand the long-term care for the elderly with each other and which is enabling for care workers to migrate internationally. It proposes to the every sector concerned about the framework of the Asia-Pacific long-term care certificate for securing the quality of care-giving work. We will propose the framework which attains illustration of a new classified education and training program and the common program which especially raises knowledge and skills for such beginners as family caregivers, neighbor caregivers, and volunteer caregivers. Moreover, we will propose the mutual exchange of talented persons who train the trainer of long-term care for the elderly.